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The following projects are those Village Chapel contributes to and to which anyone may donate to through the Village Chapel church.

PHILIPPINE PASTORS--Supports lay pastors sent into mountain villages.  The Philippine projects are sponsored by the Nashes, parents of Cherri Attle, one of our members, and in cooperation with the SDA church in the Philippines.

PHILIPPINE STUDENTS--Provides tuition support to needy students at Adventist schools

PHILIPPINE MISSION FELTS--For each $80 raised, another felt set is sent over for use in Branch Sabbath Schools, VBS, etc.

NILE UNION ACADEMY--An ongoing project.  Funds help for a variety of projects there. 

JEPHTHAE CALKINS--She is with AFM missions and is in southeast Asia for a long-term assignment.   She was a regular attender here while a student at SAU.